High-Tech Bathrooms

High-Tech Bathrooms

Homes are increasingly seeing more high-tech bathrooms. Many homeowners want bathrooms that are efficient and comfortable. With many new tools available it is possible to make bathrooms more high-tech for a better experience. We have compiled a few ideas that are very popular.

Digital Shower & Spa Experience

It is possible to personalize your shower or bath based on your water pressure and temperature preferences. Showerheads, body sprays, and water jets can all be controlled from either a digital wall pad or a hand-held remote. You can set your bathing preferences and run your bath with the push of a button.

Smart Toilets

Toilets have become sleeker, smaller, and more technologically advanced. Wall-mounted, tankless toilets appear to float above the floor, making it very easy to clean the bathroom. Newer toilets boast of automatic lid openers, seat warmers, and built-in deodorizers.

Mirror Concealed TV

Imagine being able to check the weather, traffic, or breaking news while getting ready for your day. There are medicine cabinets available that feature mirrored doors with concealed built-in LCD television screens. These high-tech cabinets also have shelves with charging stations and MP3 hookups to play music through the TV speaker.

Chromatherapy Bathtubs

Chromatherapy is a therapeutic experience using colored lights. Chromatherapy tubs are integrated with full-spectrum colored lights that allow you to change the water from up to 8 different colors for an invigorating or more relaxed bathing experience.

Hands-Free Faucets

Touchless faucets are not a new phenomenon. They have been used in commercial applications for some time. Now, these are available for home use. They have sensors built-in to turn on when your hands are placed beneath the faucet. And recently, faucets have become available that are operated by voice commands. You speak to it just as you would your home assistant, such as Alexa.

Switchable Privacy Shower Enclosures

Clear glass shower enclosures can really open up a small bathroom. If you are sharing the bathroom you might want to be able to have the flexibility to frost the glass for your privacy. Glass is so advanced now that you can flip a switch to change the glass from clear to opaque, while still allowing light to pass through.

Make Bathrooms More High-Tech

These are just a few popular trends in bathroom design to consider. We would be happy to offer some advice on how you might be able to make your new home bathrooms more high-tech. Please contact us by visiting our website at ownoregonrealestate.com.

Gail Schoeneberg