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Listing agreement

What is a Listing Agreement?

If you’re considering selling your home, one of the most important steps will be to find a qualified listing agent and sign a listing agreement.  A listing agent is a real estate professional representing you in selling your property.  Why is your selection of a listing agent so important? A good listing agent will have […]

Purchasing a Condo or a Home

Deciding Between Purchasing a Condo or a Home?

The choices for a residence are seemingly endless.  Families can choose apartments, duplexes, single-family homes, rural properties, suburban neighborhoods, and many more.  Your investment in a home is one of your single most important financial decisions, so it should align with your needs and desires.  Many individuals deal with deciding between purchasing a condo or […]

Pay the Buyer’s Closing Costs

Should You Pay the Buyer’s Closing Costs?

For quite a while, the real estate world was a seller’s market.  Houses were selling quickly, with offers exceeding the asking price for many properties.  However, with the increase in interest rates, the housing market will likely slow down a little bit as buyers become choosier with their offers.  As power shifts, you may be […]

Oregon Property Tax is Calculated

How Oregon Property Tax is Calculated

Oregonians enjoy shopping without sales tax, but we are required to pay state income tax and property tax.   Property taxes include school district taxes, local government taxes, voter-approved bond levies, and other municipal and county taxes.  The tax amount is based on a percentage of the property’s value, but that’s where it gets tricky.  Even […]

summer home maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

As summer begins to kick in fully and the temperature rises, maintaining your home this season might be a bit of a chore but necessary to ensure its functionality and longevity. Yet there are some key tips to focus on to keep your home looking great and functioning smoothly so you’ll enjoy it even more. […]

Right time to buy a house

Is Summer the Right Time to Buy a Home?

As July kicks summer into full swing, traveling to different locations may get your mind racing about moving. Seasonal housing purchase trends are a real thing and can be very interesting to look at and dissect.  Summer sale trends can be very informative regarding whether or not you should consider investing in a house during […]

renovations to avoid

Trendy Renovations to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Renovating a home before placing it on the market has become a popular decision as it can potentially increase its market value and ensure the house is up to date for modern homebuyers. Whether homeowners choose DIY or hire professionals, updating a home to match current trends before selling may seem like a good idea.  […]

How do FHA loans work

How do FHA Loans Work

You’ve likely heard about FHA loans in the media, or perhaps a friend recommended you look into getting an FHA loan to buy a home.  FHA loans are government-backed mortgage loans designed to help you purchase a home with fewer financial requirements.  For example, they can be helpful if you have debt or a less […]

home buying offer

Tips for Writing a Strong Home Buying Offer

Home sales continue to soar even as interest rates begin to rise because of the overall shortage of supply in comparison to the number of buyers.  Finding the perfect home for you and your family can be frustrating because once you finally find the home of your dreams, you’re likely to find your offer competing […]

perfect neighborhood

Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood

Moving isn’t just about selecting the dream home for you and your family.  It also requires deep consideration to find the perfect neighborhood.  You’ve likely heard the phrase, “location, location, location,” and it’s absolutely true for choosing the right location for your next home.  Savvy homebuyers know they can redecorate or remodel an existing home […]