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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

As summer begins to kick in fully and the temperature rises, maintaining your home this season might be a bit of a chore but necessary to ensure its functionality and longevity. Yet there are some key tips to focus on to keep your home looking great and functioning smoothly so you’ll enjoy it even more. If you cover all of these bases for summer home maintenance, your home will be set for fall!

Keep Up to Date with Your Yard

It’s easy during the summertime to set up your sprinklers and call it quits when it comes to the maintenance of your lawn. When it’s cooler in the morning and the evening, it’s the perfect time to tackle some weeding in your lawn and any gardens you have. This makes the inevitable transition from summer to fall much easier on your yard and will minimize the amount of fall yard work you need to do later this year. 

Clean out Gutters and Check the Roof

When it’s not autumn, your gutters don’t exactly seem like a priority when it comes to the upkeep of your house. However, ignoring the cleanliness of your gutters during the summertime can lead to an even harder clean-up this upcoming fall or be detrimental to the potential damage to your house during a summer storm if the gutters are backed up significantly.  This is a good time to examine your roof for any damage or missing tiles or shingles.

Check Pipes and Water Based Appliances

While springtime is often known for causing an influx in leaky pipes and appliances, summer can be equally devastating if not checked. With cooler temperatures comes the condensing of pipes, and as the weather heats up–especially with the summer heat–expansion could be rapid and lead to some sudden cracks due to pressure. 

You might even find leaky faucets or showerheads during this time due to a similar process. Ensuring these appliances are in good working order during the summer protects your house from mold and wood rot. 

Replace Air Filters and Clean Air Vents

When the air conditioning operates more frequently, the air filters might be getting a run for their money. Ideally, you should change your air filter every 3-6 months. If you haven’t, you should begin to schedule your air filter replacements during this time. Cleaning in and around the air vents is recommended because the buildup of dust, dirt, and other debris can quickly accumulate in a house’s ventilation system during spring. 

Check for Drafts

On the topic of air conditioning, it’s wise during this season to ensure that you have no active drafts coming from anywhere within your house. Unlike other seasons, it’s harder to detect drafts with the AC going consistently throughout the day and will be more expensive as your AC could be escaping through the drafts outside and not even cooling down your home. 

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