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Trendy Renovations to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Renovating a home before placing it on the market has become a popular decision as it can potentially increase its market value and ensure the house is up to date for modern homebuyers. Whether homeowners choose DIY or hire professionals, updating a home to match current trends before selling may seem like a good idea.  However, some of those trends could be harmful overall to selling a house. Here’s a short list of renovations to avoid when selling your home.

Updating your kitchen – The kitchen can be the heart of the house for many families, so sprucing up your kitchen to something modern and trendy might be on the top of your list and your budget. However, many current kitchen trends come with the issue of sacrificing functionality for aesthetics. While recreating your kitchen, keep in mind functionality and flow. If you’ve been researching DIY renovations, you might have noticed many documented “fails” of drawers being blocked off by other drawers, poorly placed gas pipes being jeopardized by newly installed counters, and disturbed overall flow.  It’s important to make sure your renovations continue to make sense for buyers, not just look good.

Undermining the structure of your home – With renovation comes the eagerness to change room layouts, but always keep in mind how large or small a room is. Some current renovation trends revolve around changing a floor plan’s intended purpose, for example, changing a study into a bedroom. While a change like this may not sound out of the ordinary, the placement of this bedroom could now feel awkward for potential buyers. 

Choosing granite – Granite has gained an express amount of popularity within homes since the start of the early 2000s. Granite is heavy, sturdy, easy to clean, nice to look at, and expensive. Granite can easily make you go over your budget if you don’t plan accordingly, and there can be a few natural flaws that could set you back on your renovations.  There are other great materials you can choose from that are equally beautiful but far less costly.

Installing large showers – Going all out to make a modern bathroom is on the top of many renovation to-do lists, but similar to the kitchen concerns, it’s essential to prioritize spacing and usage over trendy appearances. If you’re installing a new shower, consider the space between the shower and the toilet and cabinets, for example.  Installing a large shower might seem like it prioritizes comfort; however, it may be at the sacrifice of good functionality.  Hiring a professional for plumbing work is best since mistakes can lead to considerable problems like mold and flooding.

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