Is Spring the Best Time to Buy a House

Is Spring the Best Time to Buy a House? Maybe.

Spring in Oregon is a beautiful time to get outside, embrace the warm weather and … buy a house? Perhaps. As winter disappears and summer looms on the horizon, many prospective homebuyers begin to peruse the market in hopes of finding their dream home.

Most people associate spring with change; nature’s metamorphosis can reflect in our own lives as we make some major shifts, including moving houses. If you’re looking to sell your home this spring, now is the time to start preparing. Your home isn’t going to sell itself, and there are buyers out there just waiting to see what you have to offer!

To land the best deal, you have to employ some spring-savvy home seller tips that will attract the right buyers for your house and ensure that everyone winds up happy.

Make Your Home Radiate Life With a Spring Garden

People love potential, but they also love pretty things. A lovely garden illustrates both beauty and possibility to potential buyers. You can showcase your home’s natural landscape and emphasize its potential to grow (literally) with a simple flower bed or and even some fruit and vegetable plants.

If you have a professional landscaper lay out the basic framework, prospective buyers will be delighted at the prospect of buying something that’s not just professionally done but also easy to maintain.

Take Spring Cleaning Seriously

Declutter as much as possible, and utilize your spring cleaning as a chance to boost your home’s organization systems. Install some new shelves, smart storage solutions and built-in cabinetry that allows buyers to make the most of the space while simultaneously reducing your own clutter.

Tackle Any DIY Home Improvement Projects ASAP

Whether you want to spruce up the kitchen with some new quartz countertops or apply some mosaic tiles in the bathroom, emphasize aesthetic with your projects so they make your home look updated and comfortable to potential buyers.

Stick with neutral colors and simple textures as you make any renovations; people want to buy a home that instantly feels welcoming but not too lived in. If your own style is very distinct, buyers might be put off and look for somewhere else that has more of a “blank canvas” feel.

Learn More About Selling Your Home This Spring

Contact me today to learn more about selling your house in Oregon fast. I’ll help you take the stress out of selling and ensure that getting your home on and off the market is simple, easy and maybe even fun.

Gail Schoeneberg