Lost-Cost Home Improvements Before Selling a Home That Make Cents

Lost-Cost Home Improvements Before Selling a Home That Make Cents

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’re likely considering making some home improvements to get as much as you can in its selling price.  Many home improvements will noticeably increase a home’s resale value, but it’s essential to consider your options wisely.  The last thing you want to do is complete remodels or repairs important to you, but that make little or no difference to potential buyers.

Low-Cost Improvements for a Positive Return on Investment

The best choices for home remodels or repairs to maximize the return on your investment are those that meet three criteria:

  1. They are valued by potential buyers,
  2. They can be completed quickly,
  3. You don’t need to finance a significant amount of money to do them.

Here are seven options you might consider:

  1. Repair doors and windows.  Many of today’s buyers are concerned about energy efficiency on top of the home’s curb appeal.  If your home has broken windows or windows that fog up due to broken seals, it’s well worth your money to replace them before putting your home on the market.  Other simple repairs are replacing worn-out weather stripping and repainting window trim and doors.
  2. Flooring upgrades.  Carpet has become outdated as potential buyers lean towards the cleanliness of hardwood or laminate flooring.  Your home will smell and appear fresher by pulling out carpeting and installing neutral flooring throughout the house.  It’s best to select a flooring that matches the style and value of your overall home.
  3. Painting.  Buyers want to envision the home as theirs, and that is easier without all the custom colors, murals, or wallpaper you selected for your home decor.  Giving all the walls a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint to match flooring and trim will make your home look new again.
  4. Roof repairs.  One of the first things potential buyers from the road is a home’s roof.  Roof repairs and replacements can be expensive, and it’s not a task most homebuyers want to tackle after moving in.  If you suspect your roof may be leaking, is damaged, or needs new shingles, it will be worth the time and money to take care of it before listing your home on the market.
  5. Smart technology.  One of the newest trends in homeownership is smart technology.  These devices allow homeowners to access and control everything from exterior lights and cameras to opening and closing window blinds.  Fortunately, the cost of many smart technologies has decreased in recent years, making these upgrades affordable and easy to do.
  6. Bathroom fixture upgrades.  A bathroom can look years younger simply by replacing the faucets, lighting, and mirrors.  Fortunately, these are all projects within the grasp of most homeowners.  Your bathroom can take on a whole new look with a few hundred bucks.
  7. Kitchen appliance replacement.  While there is no reason to spend a considerable investment on custom appliances, it is important to replace outdated or broken kitchen appliances.  Choose models that are affordable but also have a good reputation.  A quick review of Consumer Reports will help you find appliances that balance affordability and quality.

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