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Southern Oregon Plants That Can Handle the Heat

Southern Oregon can experience a wide variety of temperatures from temperatures in the 20’s during the winter to the ’90s + during the summer. Finding plants that can survive and flourish in those summer highs makes your home stand out among neighboring properties with wilting plants. A little green goes a long way, and these plants add curb appeal (and value) to your home since they look great even under the sizzling summer sun. There are a ton of different Southern Oregon plants for you to choose from that will look great and flourish in the heat.

Scarlet Monkeyflower

This plant is native to Southwest Oregon and Northern California. It features beautiful orange-red blooms and has downy leaves. The Scarlet Monkeyflower does best in the shade but can handle full sun which makes it a great candidate for the flowerbeds closest to your house. Planting there gives you lovely summer blooms and the flowers periodic shade throughout the day.


Oceanspray, more commonly known as Ironwood, grows well throughout the Pacific Northwest. This deciduous bush usually grows to 4 or 5 feet, but can reach 7. It has small leaves and cascading white flowers that look beautiful in gardens. As a bonus, this flowering bush is great for pollinators like bees.

California Fuschia

If you live further inland, you can still find excellent plants that summer well in your part of Southern Oregon. One prime example is the California Fuschia. This low growing sub-shrub loves full sun and can handle some shade. It’s known for vibrant blossoms, a widespread that makes it great for ground cover, and attracting hummingbirds.

Giant Chain Fern

Nothing looks lusher than a good fern, and the Giant Chain Fern is a great option for folks in Oregon. This enormous fern is another native, with fronds reaching 6 feet long. Since the Giant Chain Fern is evergreen, it looks great during any part of the year. It’s a great choice more moist soil and partial shade.

Mountain Mahogany

If you need something a little more subtle than flowers, a small tree is a great way to fill up space and give over plants a bit of shade. Enter this champion, the Mountain Mahogany. Reaching up 15 feet in height, Mountain Mahogany trees are petite. They do best in well-drained soil, like on a hillside. Give this little tree full sun for best results.

Picking Southern Oregon Plants that Handle the Heat

Picking plants that can handle the heat here in Southern Oregon is just a great choice for your home. Whether you plan on selling your home or sticking around for a few years, the rights plants will make your home more valuable and enjoyable for everyone. If you need any tips on planting around your home or just information on getting ready to sell, contact me for help. The phone number is 541-840-1909, or you can head over to my Contact Page to leave a message.

Gail Schoeneberg