Time to Sell

With Interest Rates Rising, is Now the Right Time to Sell? Maybe and Maybe Not.

It seems that anytime the Feds make a change to interest rates, alarm bells start to sound off.  “NOW’S THE TIME TO SELL!”  Many homeowners worry excessively about the impact of rising interest rates on the sales price of homes and may be encouraged to sell their homes prematurely.

I’ve been honored to be in the real estate industry for over 17 years, and I’ve seen the housing market’s ups, downs, booms, and busts.  My advice to anyone considering selling a home is “proceed with caution.”  Regardless of the recent interest rate changes, overall home values remain incredibly high because there is a lack of inventory on the market.  For potential sellers, the picture is still very rosy.

Sellers who are well prepared to market their homes continue to be quite pleased with the proceeds from the sale of their properties.  However, I’ve also recently seen many situations where a house was placed for sale due to perceived interest rate pressures, while the seller’s unique situation did not make the deal financially advantageous or necessary.

Partnering with an experienced Realtor is invaluable.  One with years of full-time experience who actively attends listing appointments and focuses on what is best for their clients instead of their own pocketbooks will provide the guidance you need to make sound financial decisions for you and your family.  For example, a qualified Realtor will know when to suggest a possible counsel with professionals such as:

  • A CPA or tax professional to determine federal and state income tax implications,
  • Lawn Care Maintenance or Housekeeping Services to manage their property instead of selling,
  • Property Rental Management companies to manage tenants, payments, and repairs,
  • Etc.

My goal is to work with each and every one of my clients to help them make the best financial decisions.  No homeowner should be caught up in the trendy mantra of “sell, sell, sell!” without considering all the facets of their individual situation.  If you are considering if it is time to sell your property, I’d be honored to help you review your situation and walk you through the sales process.  Together we can make the correct determination for you!

Gail Schoeneberg