Spring Home Ownership

Spring Homeowners To Dos

Your house takes a beating over the winter. With rain and mud tracking debris across your floors, and little ventilation, the place can get pretty dusty and dirty. Caulk and sealers can crack and dry up after a long winter with little air flow. We talk about the top spring to do tips and tricks to reduce clutter, clean up your house, and simplify your life to get ready for an active spring.

Spring Homeowners Tips by Month


It is a good idea to check doors and windows to see if there is anything you need to seal up before the next winter. Checking now gives you time to put it on your to-do list for the spring and summer. A quick look at the roof will spot problems like uneven heating, ice dams, and leaks. This month is also an excellent time to clean out closets and begin donating things you do not use. Many stores offer linen sales this month. Rotate your mattress and deodorize it.


A quick property check will identify any yard work you will need to do in warmer weather. Now is a great time to inspect bathroom grout and caulk to see if you need new sealer in the shower or bath. Boost your spirits with a bouquet of fresh flowers to ward off the winter blues. Spring is almost here.


Organize yard sale items. Remove everything but the furniture from each room and thoroughly clean the floors. Clean the dryer vent and behind your appliances to reduce dust. Replace furnace filters at least twice this month to get rid of all the dust you are stirring up.

Making life simpler

Cleaning out extras makes space for new items

Go through DVDs, video games, and movies to clear the clutter. Give old or less used items to thrift stores. Donating clothes to a homeless shelter can help you and your community.

Homeowners can host a cooking party on the weekend to stock up the freezer

Making soups and casseroles on the weekends means you can come home after work on the weekdays to have an easy, home-cooked meal. You can prep vegetables and precook the meals on the weekend to reduce time on your feet after a long shift. Turn this day into family time and divvy up the work to get everyone to share the load.

Creating a unique nook can make your home feel fresh and new

Do you want a coffee bar? Is a reading nook something you might enjoy? Reorganizing your home to create new spaces will liven up the place making your time at home more comfortable.

Home ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities you can organize by season or month. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to go over any concerns or help you create a useful plan tailored to your property.

Gail Schoeneberg