spring maintenance tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It’s nearly spring and if you’re not already making a list to keep your home in top-notch shape, these spring maintenance tips might help.

Clean the Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms have a likelihood of developing mold or mildew. Clean them out because you do not want those to spread under any circumstances.

Check for Any Gaps in Seals

Gaps can occur in window and door seals, so check periodically to make sure you don’t have any of these.

Clean Vents

Your home will have vents for air conditioning, laundry machines, and more. Take the time to clean these out so they don’t get clogged.

Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

If there’s a fire emergency in your home, you will certainly want to be prepared, and the best way is to make sure your fire extinguishers are working properly, and also make sure everyone in the home can properly use them.

Inspect Your Refrigerator

Your fridge may need their coils cleaned if they accumulate too much dust. This would result in it a decrease in efficiency of a very important household appliance.

Inspect Your Water Heater

Your water heater usually puts in a lot of effort to give you hot water, so you should return the favor by doing regular checkups on is health. The last thing you want is a faulty water heater.

Deep-Clean Rugs and Carpets

You likely vacuum them from time to time, but sometimes they need a deeper cleaning to get everything out.

Inspect Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These devices are crucial to your family’s safety, so take the time to ensure that they are working properly and have fresh batteries.

Have a Yard Sale

You might accumulate a lot of objects in your home, and soon you might have items you don’t need anymore. Consider having a yard sale to free up space and get rid of some clutter.

Inspect Your Lawn Mower

Depending on your yard, you’ll likely have a lawn mower. This machine also needs maintenance from time to time, such as checking the oil and sharpening the blade to make sure it is working efficiently.

Have a Roof Inspection

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, so you should take great care in making sure it’s doing its job properly. A poorly kept roof could spell big trouble later on.

Touch Up Paint

The elements can do a number on your house’s paint job over time, so check to make sure there aren’t any spots that have worn too much or cracked, and do a touch-up if necessary.

Remove Any Undesirable Flora

Trees and bushes can grow a lot. You’ll want to make sure no branches or trees themselves pose a threat to your property, and also be aware of weeds or bushes in hard to reach areas.

Inspect Your Fence for Damage

If you have a fence, you’ll want to check it for damage from any wildlife or the elements, or even accidental neighbor damage.

Inspect Your Driveway

Driveways can develop cracks over time. Keep an eye on it and address the issue before it can get out of hand.

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