ultimate staycation

Prepare for the Ultimate Staycation

To relax and de-stress as a parent, planning to travel with the entire family – children in tow – is not always the answer. Having a staycation in your own, personal oasis is a much better way to unwind. With the money saved by staying home, you can afford to create luxury in your own residence.

Create the Ultimate Staycation with Resort Style

One of the best parts of a resort are the amazing outdoor spaces. By adding a hot tub, sprucing up your deck, or installing an outdoor kitchen, your home can quickly become your favorite destination all year long. If those upgrades are beyond your budget, hanging a simple hammock will create a cozy spot for an afternoon nap or a cool mid-day mai tai.

Get a Hotel-Inspired Interior

At the end of a long day, plopping into a luxurious hotel bed is just what is needed. Make your favorite inn envious by dressing up your lair. Adding plush linens and high thread-count sheets will make any bunk more inviting. For all-day slumber, install some black-out curtains like your favorite lodging. Hopefully, the kids will sleep in.

The bedroom isn’t the only place to consider adding creature comforts. A cozy throw blanket next to the fireplace or on the couch encourages a romantic snuggle.

Add Ambiance

Take note of your favorite bed and breakfast. They engage all of the senses to enhance the experience of their guests. With fresh flowers, subtle scents, soft music, and mood lighting, you can affordably recreate the feeling of a high-end resort.

Eliminate Chores

Nothing can derail a vacation more than the reality of chores. Take a break from the mundane by outsourcing. Hire a cleaning service during your vacation and let a lawn company take care of trimming the grass. If cooking isn’t your idea of fun, hire a delivery meal service and indulge in dinner at your favorite spots.

Let the Ultimate Staycation Begin

Once your surroundings are ready, the relaxation can begin. Simply adding a pair of plush slippers and a soft robe will evoke a spa-like atmosphere. Run yourself a hot bubble bath with some fancy bath salts to kick off some well-deserved pampering.

Enjoy Staying Home All Year Long

Investing in your house will make living there so much more enjoyable every day, and improve your resale value down the road. If you need any ideas or recommendations, I am always here to help.

Gail Schoeneberg