Use Color to Sell Your Home

Use Color to Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, then you’re probably hoping to spruce it up and make it look as appealing as possible to encourage potential buyers. Color is a great way to make a house look current, stylish, and desirable. If you’re not sure where to begin, then check out these great tips for selling your home with color!

Avoid Brash Colors

When choosing paint colors before attempting to sell your home, make sure you avoid anything overly bold. Bold colors usually make a powerful visual statement that’s very taste-specific, meaning that you’re taking a big gamble in terms of how it will land with your audience.

The same goes for dark colors: Many people find dark paint colors to be gloomy, forbidding, or even unsettling depending on their application.

Be Careful with White

While you don’t want to go for a paint color that’s too extreme, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction, either! Lots of people hear “neutral is better” and immediately jump to white. However, while white is certainly neutral, bright, and pristine, it can also easily come off as stark or overly sterile.

Off-whites are risky as well since the appropriate warmth can be hard to nail and the wrong use of shade variety can easily look like a mistake.

Use Tasteful Neutrals in Common Areas

So, if bold colors and classic whites are off the table, what’s a hopeful seller to do? The best choice you can make in order to appeal to the broadest possible range of potential buyers is to think “understated, but inviting”. Neutral, light tones are your best bet, and these should create a sense of warmth and style.

Dove greys, warm taupes, and mousey browns all make for an excellent base palette–especially in places like dining areas and living rooms. It’s also wise to add some gentle, light blues to your bathroom and bedroom areas.

Use Light and Dark Strategically

While stark whites and dungeon greys are a bit much, you don’t want to ditch strong contrast completely! Modern black-and-white color schemes certainly have their place and can be very visually striking and impressive when done right. A touch of white might be an appropriate way to showcase bold tile patterns as well.

If you have darker flooring, then select a light, airy neutral for your paint color. Inversely, if the floors in your house are light, then a warm, gentle brown might be just the thing. Including contrast is key in keeping the house from looking muted or dull!

Sell Your Home with an Eye-Catching Door

Don’t forget to up your curb appeal by painting your front door an appealing, tasteful color. Navy blue is a classic good choice, as is an elegant, rich shade of eggplant purple.

The front exterior of your home is probably going to be the first thing that potential buyers see, so its first impression is invaluable. Amidst perfectly-manicured greenery and a pristine exterior, you’ll want to use the color of your door to communicate that your house is a cut above the rest in terms of style.


Selecting the best possible paint colors to increase your chances of selling your home can be tricky. If you’ve read through these helpful tips on how to go about picking your paint palette and still feel like you could use some help, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Gail Schoeneberg